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Sorry kids: No PS3 this year

PlayStation 3Rumour has it that the much awaited PlayStation 3 consoles will not be available in the UK before Christmas – Uh Oh! Santa will not be popular this year when children find out that the toy top of their list wont be under the tree. According to an article I read today in the Daily Mail Sony has been forced to delay the launch due to such a high demand for the product across the world. The consoles are now set to be launched in the UK and the rest of Europe in March 2007, a year later than originally predicted. Japan and the US will still be able to purchase the PS3 in time for Christmas however not as many will be available as Sony had hoped.

The PS3 is not just a games console, it is an advanced piece of technology that allows owners to connect to the Internet for downloading purposes and watch high-def movies as well as play the endless number of games available. At around £425 per console you would expect it to have all these features. So sorry kids no PS3 this year.

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