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Princess Nikki

Princess NikkiBig Brother contestant Nikki launched her new show, Princess Nikki, last night on E4. She lived up to her reputation of throwing temper tantrums and whining constantly – in fact I think she’s getting worse! The series follows her attempts to hold down an everyday job but as you can probably imagine (if you were a BB fan) Nikki doesn’t fall into working very easily.

In last night’s episode she was sent on a fishing boat and then to work in a fish and chip shop – if Nikki ever needs to get a proper job in the future (probably in a couple of years when everyone has forgotten who she is) I don’t think this is the way to go – she’s pretty much unemployable now! But I guess that’s her own fault, the show makes great viewing. I just wonder how Pete puts up with her? …

4 Responses to “Princess Nikki”

  1. amy Says:

    i think nikki is hilariouse and i no someone hu looks lyk her

  2. beki Says:

    nikki is wel kl !!!!! i luv her !!1 im not a lez by da way lol

  3. Emm Says:

    nikki is pathetic,i hate her,she is soooo rude.definately needs to grow up.not funny at all.

  4. kara Says:

    well i dont know about u but i think she is the funniest and the best bb house mate ever the only big brother i ever enjoyed was when she was in it by the way i aint a lesbian lol !!!! im just the biggest fan ever and would love to meet her !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx