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USB Flower Fan

USB Flower FanI still can’t accept that summer’s over, especially on a lovely day like today so here’s a great little gadget for a hot and sunny day. The Flower Fan plugs into your USB port (or can run off batteries too) and will whip up a breeze to cool you down – plus look how cute it is! Apparently it’s so powerful it’s in danger of blowing itself over and a small blob of blue tack is recommended to hold it down!

I guess I’ll have to accept the inevitable sooner or later (that winters on its way) but this little fan would be great for stuffy offices all year round!

For only £9.95 from, think how much cheerier your desk will look.

One Response to “USB Flower Fan”

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    […] After writing my previous post on the USB Flower Fan, I’ve decided as much as it pains me, it really is time to say goodbye to summer. Funnily enough I came across this Litebook straight after uploading my post, and have now decided I may be one of those people whose mood is affected by the seasons and that’s why I find it so hard accepting summer is over. […]