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You Are What You Eat returns on Wednesday

You Are What You EatThe long awaited return of hit Channel 4 series You Are What You Eat begins on Wednesday at 8.30pm – if ever I need to feel good about myself, this programme does the trick. The poor individuals that subject themselves to Gillian Mckeith’s harsh tactics makes great viewing, and for about an hour after watching the show I vow to change my diet. How they let her prod around their poo is beyond me, I couldn’t think of anything more shameful, do they not realise it will be shown on National TV?

I love her style though, she doesn’t waste time comforting them – she gets to the point and tells them exactly what they must do to lose weight. And if the return of this series isn’t enough, a new series of How Clean is Your House with Kim and Aggie starts just before at 8pm – I know what I’ll be watching this Wednesday!

3 Responses to “You Are What You Eat returns on Wednesday”

  1. The New Pink » Blog Archive » Squeeze-Me Says:

    […] I’m a Gillian McKeith fan and when I have the motivation I love to test out her ‘You Are What You Eat’ recipes. This lemon squeezer is perfect if you’ve ever tried her water and lemon morning detox – usually my glass of water is filled with pips and the white part of the lemon and I can’t bring myself to actually drink it. […]

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