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Is Play-Doh the best smell in the world?

Play-Doh perfumeA few weeks ago there was a survey in a national paper, I think it was the Telephraph, on the nations favourite noises. According to the paper, the glugging of wine as you pour it into a glass is the number one sound (slightly biased but never mind!). Inspired by this I’d love to find out what TheNewPink readers’ favourite smell is. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what yours is – I’m almost certain that if there was a nationwide survey Play-Doh would hold the top spot. What is it about the smell of Play-Doh? Is it because it reminds us of being a child again or is it just because it smells so edible??

If like me, Play-Doh ranks amongst your top smells of all time you can now smell it all the time. In celebration of Play-Dohs 50th birthday the famous smell has been turned into a limited edition fragrance and you can buy it from Demeter Fragrance Library for only $19! Its not exactly something you wear on a date to entice passion but it would certainly be a conversation starter. Another great smelling product is Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser, available from Boots. Its smells like a cross between chocolate and custard. The only downside is that wearing it really gets you craving the real thing. This stuff should come with a “Not for Dieters” warning on the bottle.

9 Responses to “Is Play-Doh the best smell in the world?”

  1. Emma Says:

    Play-Doh definitely is a ‘feel good’ smell – if that makes sense?! You’re right, it makes me think of my childhood and i just wanted to eat it when I was younger! Nowadays I love the smell of suntan lotion – that always reminds me of being away in the sunshine & I get a similar ‘feel good’ sensation. Also, what can beat the whiff of McDonalds when you’re really hungry :)

  2. Cleo Says:

    Yeah im sure sun cream would be in the top ten. Damn you emma you always make me want to eat macdonalds.

  3. Paul Says:

    McDonalds Eau de Toiletette, now that’s an interesting thought! Or you could just spray yourself with some chip fat. Talking of McDonalds, wouldn’t it be good if you could add it’s fragrance but not it’s fat content to healthier foods, might make them a bit tastier?

  4. Emma Says:

    If there was ever a fat free mcdonalds invented i’d never cook again – why is it that things that are bad for you taste/smell so good? I can’t imagine sprouts being in the top 10 smells!

  5. Dave Says:

    I think I’d rather eat Play-Doh than McDonalds to be honest… They’re of a similar texture yet Play-Doh actually looks as appealing in person as it does in the adverts :)

  6. Hannah Says:

    McDonalds, eeeuuughh, thats got to be one of my worst…. Play Doh I will let you have, I love it as it reminds me of being a kid, and nowdays playing Play Doh with my nephew. Not sure it would be my favourite though. Sun tan lotion yes, or more for me that Hawiian Tropic Oil, mmmmm. I also love that smell when its been raining and the roads smell all….hmm, rainy I suppose :) Then again there is nothing better than fresh coffee in the morning….. Damn, is this supposed to be one favourite???

  7. Ed Says:

    I enjoy the smell of a cooked breakfast in a greasy spoon cafe the morning after the night before.

  8. Brendan Says:

    I remember when I used to play with playdoh those were the days! It usually co-incided my mum baking cakes and most of the time she would gave me a piece of marzipan. That smelt and tasted sooo much nicer than play doh, I can’t get enough of the stuff!!!

  9. surgeon Says:

    I found this thread doing research about what play-doh actually smells like…I’m guessing it’s a mixture of vanilla and almond essence, plus whatever compounds make up play-doh itself. Interestingly, the origins of play-doh are dough, which brings us back to baking bread, another one of the world’s favorite smells.

    And as to adding the taste of McDonalds, you could, actually, spray the taste on anything. They add in particular chemical mixes to their food to make it taste good. It’s all chemistry, not really food. The smell is easy to replicate, I’m sure.

    And I absolutely LOVE the smell of sprouts.

    favorites of mine:
    fresh basil
    walk in humidor
    baking bread
    fresh thyme
    the desert after a rain (which is the smell of wet creosote, I live in arizona)