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Archive for September, 2006

Chloe Metallic Gold Satchel

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Chloe BagI cannot imagine one female in this world who wouldn’t like a Chloe bag. They are so beautifully made and have so many styles available – they have something for everyone. I saw this bag on the Neiman Marcas Website and thought “Oh wouldn’t that look great with… and …” but at $1,455.00 I don’t think I’ll be able to put it on my Christmas list just yet.

The satchel is made from metallic gold pebble-grain leather and has antiqued golden studs. It would be a great accessory for dressing up a casual outfit or for a posh venue. The area that drew me in initially was the detail on the shoulder straps and then as I looked closer I realised I just loved the whole thing.

Powernap at work!

Friday, September 29th, 2006

MetronapsIf you’re the kind of person who can’t get through the day without a powernap mid afternoon then you’re going to love these Metronaps’ pods. The spherical shape of the pod creates a semi-private environment and cocoons your upper body. Unfortunately these are not available in the UK yet but New York has already introduced these Metronaps’ pods on the highstreet, where you can either check in or walk straight in!

You are able to drift off listening to tranquil music and gently wake with a combination of lights and vibrations. The whole process takes less than 25 minutes – perfect to fit into a lunch break, you’ll even have time to go for a bite to eat too! I can’t wait until these arrive over here, every office in the world should have one!

Via Techie Diva

Feeling down?

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Counselling DirectoryApparently 1 in 4 people will have some sort of mental health problem in their life – this is a huge percentage and I was shocked when I first found it out. What’s worse is that many people suffer in silence, embarrassed to admit their problems. A new website has been set up to encourage more people to talk through their issues with a qualified counsellor – the site is free and confidential and has loads of great information about counselling and mental health issues.

If you think you’d like to speak to a UK counsellor in confidence then visit Counselling Directory – don’t spend your life feeling down, talking to someone may help you to live a much happier life. There is also a blog covering all sorts of mental health issues you may be interested in from the News. Here at The New Pink we’ve been inspired by this to blog more about things that can improve your health and happiness! If you have any ideas let us know …

Style, Music and events at GrooveEffect

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

GrooveeffectI spend about 50% of my life on the Internet (the other half sleeping) and come across hundreds of websites every week. I came across this one recently and thought it was worth a mention: The website focuses on style, music and events, and blogs each category individually. I particularly like their section on women’s style (obviously) and their post about New York Fashion week collection highlights – they have some really great images.

Check out their article San Francisco Lovefest 2006, it has some really cool pictures from the event and a good write up. I am looking forward to seeing more from GrooveEffect.

Irregular Tape Measure Shoe

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Irregular Tape Measure ShoeYou may think I’m a little crazy for thinking these shoes are gorgeous but I saw them on a girl when I was out at the weekend and they looked so nice I almost went out and bought a pair for myself. The shoes are from the ‘Irregular’ brand at Schuh and that is exactly what they are – irregular. The frame of the shoe is pretty normal, the material is a soft pinstripe design, the toe is delicately pointed and the inside of the shoe is a fabulous colour. However we then have a tape measure- What? A tape measure on a shoe you are all thinking. Yes a tape measure and it looks pretty good. There is one along the back seam of the heal that sticks up slightly above the body of the shoe and one on the toe. This one is a layered tape measure in the shape of a rosette with a cute black ribbon crossed on top.

I have to say, these pictures don’t do the shoe a lot of justice, they look so much prettier when they’re on and imagine them with a short skirt and black footless tights. If you’re feeling this style as much as me then visit the Schuh Website and have a look for yourself. They are currently priced at £59.99 which I don’t think is bad for such a unique design.

Review from Fashionista TV

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

The New Pink was recently reviewed by Fashionista TV as one of their favourite fashion blogs – Episode 4 : Fashion is Violent. I really like their idea of video reviews, they are well thought out and easy to follow, I think Fashionista TV may be the next up and coming blog!

Sony Ericsson Z710i

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Sony Ericsson Z710i

You have to admit – this is a sexy phone and a sophisticated one at that. This is the new Z710i from Sony Ericsson available in Twilight Black and Metallic Sand, I personally prefer the Metallic Sand style it’s more girly and looks shinier! The mobile has a 2.0-megapixel integrated camera with digital zoom allowing high quality photographs to be taken. What’s more it supports 3D games, has a built-in FM radio and comes with a memory stick on top of the 10MB (in case you really use your phone too much).

Internet is available on the Z710i with feeds sent directly to your phone via RSS on request, push e-mail also comes as standard (e-mails to your mobile). You are also able to transfer your calendar and address book straight from your computer to your mobile using wireless Bluetooth or the USB cable provided. Have a look on Sony Ericsson’s Website for more information about Features and Specifications.

House Remote Extender

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

House Remote ExtenderGenerally you’ll be sitting in front of your TV when you want to use your remote control, but what about when you want to adjust the volume of your stereo in the other room? You have to actually go into that room and point the remote at it because the remote uses infrared. However for all you lazy lot who, like me, only move if you really have to, the House Remote Extender uses radio frequency instead of infrared so the range is dramatically increased.

The signal will go through doors, walls, ceilings, pretty much anything, as no line of sight is needed. A BBQ comes to mind when thinking about this – no longer will I have to pop in and out of the house to adjust the volume of the music. This is the height of laziness I know but I don’t like wasting time on things I don’t have too!

The starter kit is available for $50 and additional units can be purchased.

Via Coolest Gadgets

Holy Toast

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Holy ToastAs I was walking up the steps at the train station today I was struck by a vision of the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast. Unfortunately I wasn’t experiencing some miraculous apparition, but an advert for displaying probably the best product they’ve ever sold – Holy Toast Presses.

These ingenious molds create an imprint of the Virgin Mary on your toast. Just press the plastic mold onto your toast, put your toast in the toaster and serve to a friend and see their reaction as they think they have been divinely blessed!

I’ve always been a fan or religious kitsch merchandise and needless to say I could not wait to get home and order a pair of these beauties. I wonder if people will flock from far and wide to pay homage to my holy breakfast tomorrow. To make icons appear on your bread visit – its more reliable than praying.

Wide Legged Trousers

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Wide Legged TrousersI’ve loved the pencil skirts and ladylike accessories from the last few seasons but winter’s getting ever closer and it’s time for different trends – one of which being the wide legged trousers. Personally I preferred the whole skinny jeans and leggings thing but with the right accessories these can look really great on. Victoria Beckham has pulled it off in her wide legged trousers, white shirt and wide belt over at ASOS, and her whole outfit has been replicated for £140.

If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, these wide legged trousers by Marc Jacobs are available at £278. At least these will hide a little bit more than the leggings and skinny jeans – and the wide belts are ideal for pulling in your belly!