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Archive for August, 2006

Handbag Lights

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Handbag LightsThese nifty little gadgets sit inside your handbag and light up so you can see the contents – genius. No longer will women everywhere have to spend wasted time digging through to find what they’re looking for – usually a lipstick, eyeliner or keys in my case.

The handbag lights are sold as a set of three (one black, one pink and one blue) and have an easy on/off button and slim design to fit inside the smallest of handbags. Apparently these lights have been available in the US for ages, but have only recently come over to the UK – definitely a great idea if you’ve had a few too many to drink and usually spend most of your night on the doorstep looking for your keys … Available for £14.99 from Boutique to You.

Guitar Hero – Something for the Boys

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Guitar HeroLast weekend my boyfriend popped to town to get some lunch and came back with Guitar Hero. Girls – if you need a bit of time to yourself this is the perfect gift for your partner, it will keep them entertained for hours if not days. Guitar hero is an interactive computer game that comes with a plastic guitar (almost full size) and a DVD for your PS2. The guitar has five different colour buttons on the left that play different sounds and a strumming button on the body of the guitar.

Guitar Hero on TVThe DVD is a compilation of kick ass rock songs from 1980’s hits to recent popular anthems; you will probably know many of them so you can sing along. The scene on the TV is set in a bar with a stage for the band and a lively audience. If you are good they will cheer and if you are bad they will boo and if you are really bad you will lose the game. There are ability levels so you can start off in easy mode and progress to difficult.

The idea of the game is to play along with the band, the TV will tell you what colour button/buttons to press at what time and when you must strum. Although easy rules to follow it does get confusing when you have seven different colour combinations thrown at you in the space of 2 seconds! This game is fun for most people to play and at one point me, my boyfriend and his little sister were all fighting over whose go it was next.

You can currently purchase Guitar Hero at for £39.99.

Wicked the Musical in London

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Wicked the MusicalThe Broadway hit musical Wicked is now showing in London at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. The storyline follows the witches from the classic story the Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. In the film the storyline concentrated on Dorothy and her journey through Oz with the lion, scarecrow and tin-man however the other side of the story wasn’t told until now. This time the focus of the story is on two young witches called Elphaba and Glinda and we follow their battle between good and evil. Wicked has already won 15 awards including a Grammy and three Tony awards plus excellent reviews from a number of top newspapers.

What’s even better is that is currently holding a competition to win VIP tickets for you and a friend to attend the premiere of the show. The prize also includes an invite to the after party show and a stay in a 4* hotel. All you have to do is sign up to ASOS’ newsletter to be in with a chance of winning. Not bad eh.

Miss Sixty opens Sixty Hotel

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Miss Sixty HotelMiss Sixty opens a hotel. Yes that’s right, a hotel owned by a fashion label – what next, McDonalds selling clothes? I’m not 100% convinced about this, but it does look funky. Apparently the hotel has web cams installed in the rooms and is ‘a place for people who use a hotel not just for sleeping and having breakfast’ – I guess Sixty Hotel has it’s own unique edge!

So it doesn’t give off the impression of a classy place to me, but it is stylish – the overall design was overseen by Studio 63, who are the people responsible for the interiors of the Miss Sixty boutiques.

According to the Sixty Hotel website, this is just the first of a chain of 4* hotels. This one is located in Northern Italy – rooms will apparently be in the price range of 120 and 180eu excluding breakfast.

Via Catwalk Queen

Free Google WiFi Internet

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Google WiFiGoogle launched their free wireless Internet service called Google WiFi Mountain View this month, so residents in Mountain View, California have one less bill to pay now each month. The service is completely free and not supported via ads – 72,000 residents of Mountain View will benefit as the service covers some 12 square mile radius of the town.

Speeds aren’t superfast (they’ve been reported at 1Mbps) but the free alternative to DSL and Cable offerings will probably be embraced by most. Apparently Google have also teamed up with Earthlink, for a more ambitious project of providing wireless Internet service to the San Francisco area.

Are Google planning on national WiFi domination? … I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Via Coolest Gadgets

Firetrap Chain Detail Belt

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Firetrap Chain Detail BeltThis leather belt by Firetrap is perfect if you’re going for that Boho chic look – this accessory can be worn low to accentuate your figure and add a touch of colour to your outfit. It’s available in Zinc (gold metallic shade) or Chocolate (deep bronze-brown shade).

The studded hoop with connecting chain gives a great effect and the belt will look fab in the winter too – perhaps with a jumper dress.

Available from ASOS for £30.

Folding Floor Chaise and Pillow

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Folding Floor Chaise and PillowWow… for all those times I’ve had to move over to let someone else sit down to watch TV, I could have just bought one of these stylish Folding Floor Chaise and Pillow and had space to spread out by myself. Apparently it bends/folds into a variety of positions and has a steel frame for safety.

The pillow comes included and the set can be purchased for £99.99 – I think that’s a bargain. The website shows it available in three different colours – black, garnet and sunflower.

Jade Goody + University?

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Apparently Jade Goody wants to go to University, telling Now magazine “I’d like to go to university. I think I’d have liked it because everyone seems to have a great time drinking”. This just makes me sad. If she was going to better herself or learn a subject she had an interest in, I’d say good on her. But to go for the uni experience just seems ridiculous – it’s not as if she has to work so she has as much time as she likes to get drunk with all the other celebs who sit around all day and do nothing.

I sense bitterness in my tone, but I can’t stand celebs who are famous for being laughed at by the nation. Jade actually grew on me by the time she left Big Brother, but now she just annoys me again…

Via Startrip

Oasis poppy print wrap dress

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Oasis poppy print wrap dressSnap up this cute wrap dress for just £25 in the sale at Oasis. Reduced from £45, this flower print dress is a bargain. I love how the black bow ties under your chest, giving the illusion of a long slim figure and the top part of the dress looks as though it will emphasise your chest – great if you’re lacking a bit up the top!

The colours make it the perfect outfit for a cool summers evening – with a black wrap and high black shoes, I think it gives off a sweet and innocent, but stylish look…

e-Puppy – for lazy email readers

Friday, August 25th, 2006

e-PuppyThis has got to be the ultimate lazy person’s gadget – perfect for me then! This cute e-Puppy plugs into your USB port and reads your emails or word documents! The puppy also has an LED on his belly to notify you of new emails and a built in microphone allowing you to record your own messages and reminders.

So if you’re fed up of having to read your own emails, why not get your very own e-Puppy to do it for you? The only problem now is that I can’t get away with denying ever reading an email… For only $9.97, this has got to be worth it though.

Via Techie Diva