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Laptop table

Laptop tableIf you’ve ever tried using your laptop lying down then you’ll really appreciate what a great idea this laptop table is. It has three rotating joints in each leg and can be used in a variety of ways; 1. If you’re sitting on your bed or sofa your laptop can rest on the table, saving your legs having to carry the weight, 2. If you’re lying down the table can be positioned diagonally to support your laptop, and 3. If you simply can’t find a conventional desk available.

I’m not really sure of the price as it’s advertised on a Japanese website and unfortunately I don’t understand it, but I’m definitely going to get myself one of these one way or another!

Via Coolest Gadgets

2 Responses to “Laptop table”

  1. Debe Says:

    And here’s where you can buy it:

  2. Markus Says:

    I saw much better one on