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Animal print shoes at River Island

Animal print shoesWow, when I saw these in the ‘just arrived’ section on River Island’s website I thought they were gorgeous – very ‘in’ this season. I’ve found the peep toe style very complimentary to feet and I love shoes that have a gap on the inside like these (a gap in the material from the heel to the sole). They’d look fab with the ASOS clutch bag I reviewed last week and be ideal for a night out on the town.

Available for £44.99 from River Island

2 Responses to “Animal print shoes at River Island”

  1. shin Says:

    i also thought they were fab, but they are ruined fter one nights wear! they got a little dirty so i got a damp cloth and genlty dabbed on the material but all the blcak print then ran into the reat of the shoe!!! might return them actually….

  2. Jaoby Says:

    hey, im not a great fan of the open toed shoe, though pretty wouldnt pay 45. pounds xx