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The DeFIBulator

DeFIBulatorThe DeFIBulator is the first hand-held voice tension detector – oh I can’t wait to test this one out! Apparently the DeFIBulator uses voice tension technology to measure the varying degrees of vibrations when someone speaks and has a very high accuracy rate detecting lies – although I personally wouldn’t base life changing decisions on this little gadget myself!

It can be connected to your mobile, which is where I can see it becoming a popular accessory – and you simply have to train the DeFIBulator to the human voice by asking 3 yes/no questions.

Then ask the real yes/no questions and watch the figure on the screen! According to Spy Emporium, the figure’s nose and horns will grow longer when there is more tension in the voice. Whether you want to use this on your boyfriend or as a party trick for your friends, the DeFIBulator sounds like a great gadget to me! Available from Spy Emporium for $89.99.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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