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Oujia Board Mouse Mat

Oujia Mouse Mat

I don’t think I know anyone that uses mouse mats any more. That’s probably because I don’t know anyone that uses those annoying roller ball mice anymore – expect my university…Grrrr. Anyway I’m tempted to get one of these Oujia Board mouse mats because my fascination with the occult is leading me to believe that these are very cool and rather amusing – who knows who might be controlling your hand. These would make a great present for the man in your life – I can just hear him now, “ It wasn’t me; the evil spirit that lives behind my wardrobe took me there”

This great, but pretty useless (unless, of course it does work as a portal to the other side), item costs £7 from funky indie designer’s website, Take a look at of Joe Riley’s even more sinister creations; body-bag bean bags, and hangman’s noose curtain ties :S

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