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Puppy Purses

Yorkshire Terrior Puppy PurseI never thought I’d see the day when puppies would become fashion items. OK so this little guy does make quite a cute accessory but you’ll never get away from the fact that it looks like a stuffed version of your Grandmas old pet. This puppy is a Yorkshire Terrier but all kinds of different breeds can be bought; Chihuahuas, King Charles Spaniels, West Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu’s. Do you think it would have quite the same effect if you had a Doberman hanging off your shoulder?

This little Terrier looks pretty realistic and if it weren’t for the gold chain attached to its head you’d probably have to look twice to decide if it were real. The chain is detachable, a plastic zip opens the bag and the puppy has three stitched paws and a diamante print. You can buy this item or another breed from Bia Collection for $34.50.

Found via Purse Blog.

One Response to “Puppy Purses”

  1. femjohn Says:

    hehehe. i never knew there were purses for dogs!! they’re so adorable. there are cute sweaters i found on here’s a link: