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Get drunk without drinking… get AWOL

No More Alcohol!AWOL stands for Alcohol WithOut Liquid and it is the brand name of a new device that claims to allow its users to get drunk without having to endure a hangover the next day. The AWOL machine vaporises any alcoholic spirit and mixes it with oxygen so that it can be inhaled. Since the alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream, this delivers a instant euphoric “high” with 10 times the potency compared to ingestion.

There are concerns that this could cause damage to the brain, and in some US states there have been moves to ban it. However, the UK Department of Health Alcohol Policy Unit has apparently gone on record to say that when the machine is used in accordance with the manfacturers guidelines, they “are not aware of any current evidence to suggest that the use of the AWOL machine … poses particular risks to the user over and above the risks that may be posed by consuming an equivalent amount of alcohol, in an equivalent time period, in a more ‘traditional’ way.”

So you never know, it could be the ultimate party toy, but until it’s effects are better known, I don’t think I will be trying it. AWOL is available to try at some bars including Bordello in Bristol, or you could purchase a personal machine for your house, but it will set you back £149.

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