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Latest Big Brother Gossip

Big Brother
So my prediction earlier last week was spot on – Spiral and Michael received the least votes and were evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday. Apparently only 9.7% of the population wanted cat loving Michael and Irish DJ Spiral to remain in the house – who are you crazy 9.7%?! Before the pair found out their fate, their last week in the house made great viewing. For those of you who had your heads burried in the sand, heres a quick recap …

Each best friend pair had to choose who would become a Big Brother prisoner and who’d become a prison officer. Pete, Imogen, Aisleyne, Glynn and Spiral became prisoners, while Richard, Susie, Jenny, Micky and Michael thought they’d got the better end of the deal by becoming prison officers. The prisoners were locked behind bars in prison clothes, made to dice and peel 1000 onions and unlock some ridiculous number of padlocks with the right key … yes it seemed as though the prison officers were the lucky ones – with their sexy uniforms and easy task of watching a few minutes of CCTV each day – until the secret hideaway was revealed that is!

The prisoners found a tunnel into paradise, where they had all the food and alcohol they could consume, a spa area with baths, treatments and pampering facilities and even their own mini beach! All they had to do was keep the secret hideaway a secret from the prison officers and they’d receive a letter from home. They managed to pass the task and each of them received their letter (except Pete who’d swapped roles with Richard earlier) – which led to a lot of emotional housemates.

Other BB news includes Richard having his Madonna-themed birthday party and Glynn having some time by himself in the shower! Last Night’s task ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ caused some of the housemates to learn more about themselves than perhaps they wanted to know, but was great to watch! Anyway, last week was a great week in the Big Brother house, fingers crossed that this week will provide as much entertainment …

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  1. Chris Dann Says:

    My little girl loves this, cheap too.

  2. CarmenVj Says:

    Little baby born dolls are the cutiest. My daughter has had one of the beauties for awhile. Gorgeous babies:)