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Animal Crossing – Wild World

Animal Crossing on Nintendo DSThis unique interactive world is full of fun and strange characters who will keep you entertained for hours. When you play for the first time you are taken to your town via taxi and introduced to your new home and the other animals in the neighbourhood. Each character will talk and interact with you in their own little manner; some are very polite and chatty and some are a bit weird but there are loads of animals for you to talk to.

There are many places to visit such as Tom Nook’s store where you can purchase all your necessities, hair salon, town hall, museum, café etc. Earn a living by helping people in the village, such as working in the shop. You still need to pay your bills and buy your own household goods in this game!

With the integrated Nintendo Wi-Fi connection you can visit your real friends within the virtual world of animal crossing. Travel to other towns and meet loads of new characters, throw parties and join in competitions. There are endless activities for you to take part in without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom! Animal Crossing is designed for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.

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