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Shop Girl – Out on DVD

After watching this film I went straight on the internet to find out more info about it and watch the trailer again – I just couldn’t get enough! I was surprised to find out that this touching and insightful movie about a young woman’s dreams and fears was written by a man. I was even more surprised to discover that that man was comedian Steve Martin, who also stars in the film. Shop Girl is based on a short novel which tells the story of Mirabelle, a girl whose only remarkable characteristic is a talent for chalk and charcoal drawings.

Although Mirabelle dreams of becoming an artist she settles for a mundane job in a swanky Beverly Hills store as a shop assistant. The film tells the story of Mirabelle’s relationships with two very different guys that see meets; Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) a young clumsy and bad mannered graphic artist and Ray Porter (Steve Martin) a cool millionaire who is much older than her. Both men offer Mirabelle something very different and Mirabelle is faced with making decisions about what she really wants from a relationship. I was amazed by how a story about an average girl and the sort of situations that most of us have encountered, makes such a fascinating film. Like a more wholesome version of The Secretary, this film will really get you thinking about what you want from a relationship.

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