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Lay-z-Spa – aka The Inflatable Hot Tub!

I’ve always dreamt of living in a huge house with a gym, pool, hot tub etc etc … (I know – stop dreaming) but now, thanks to Bestway, at least one of these is within my reach. Lay-z-Spa is the brand new, affordable spa – which apparently takes just ten minutes to set up before you can add water. It has room for four adults and is portable – it can therefore be used at home, at a friends house, camping or wherever else you fancy. Once out of the box, you simply need to attach the pump to a standard UK socket, add water and set to the desired temperature. Within 12 hours the Lay-z-Spa inflatable hot tub is ready to be enjoyed. For £499 (or less if you look around), I know where I’ll be spending my winter …

7 Responses to “Lay-z-Spa – aka The Inflatable Hot Tub!”

  1. Matthew Says:

    how cool is this!!!, and about £7000 cheaper than a normal hot tub.
    I think this is an essential summer purchase!!!

  2. Lay-Z-Spa Says:

    Would you believe that we are now selling this spa for £299?

    The Lay-Z-Spa is selling fast!

  3. Compare Hot Tubs Says:

    Yes that cheap but you can not compare it to a hot tub.

  4. rachel Says:

    If you are looking for a way of writing when you are in the hot tub then check out – water resistant memo boards great for games, jotting down idea or lists and even noting down when you next need to add chemicals to the tub.

  5. Alex Says:

    I have personally tried both laz z spa and regular hot tub. I found it to be great toy but by no means a comparison to a full blown hot tub. Good for occasional use in the summer. Maybe for the odd weekend but you cant use them in the winter and they arnt the most ergonomic of things.

  6. andre knight Says:

    Try this inflatable spa as streets ahead of the lazy spa. It’s called the CAMARO from and is a proper, durable (and you can leave it on 24/7) inflatable spa!!

  7. Udespa Says:

    Cool invention, must score some points if you pull that out of the car as a surprice at the beach