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Nintendogs Rock!

Dalmatian & Friends NintendogsHow many of you would love to own a cute little puppy without having to clean up real mess and walk around a field in the pouring rain? Well I certainly would which is why I think Nintendogs is genius.

The realistic game allows you to interact with the puppy using the touch screen and stick provided; you can stroke her, wash and groom her, walk her and even enter her into contests. If your puppy is good or learns her new commands you should stroke her to let her know you are pleased with her, like a real puppy she will know the difference between love and neglect. Unlike real puppies, they do not grow up.

The first time you play you can visit the kennel and chose your puppy; you can then take her home and look after her as though she were real. One of the first things you must do is name her and teach her to come to you when you call her. This is relatively easy as long as you follow the instructions.

You can check your puppy’s status to see if she is hungry, thirsty or dirty. If she is you will need to go to the shop and purchase some pet supplies. Giving the puppy a shower and grooming her fur is great fun and required frequently, especially if your puppy is a longhaired breed. The puppy loves to have your attention and misses you when you are away; if you forget to check her status and she feels neglected, it’s likely she’ll run away for a while.

Teaching the puppy to listen to your orders is all part of the game, they can learn to sit down, give you their paw, lie down, roll over and all the other tricks you expect real puppies to learn. The puppy learns the tricks by your voice commands – very clever. Teaching your puppy new tricks is just part of the game, the best thing about Nintendogs is it’s built in wireless technology that allows you to connect to other Nintendog users from all over the world. Your puppy can meet and play with new friends all the time and you can access the other available breeds.

There are four different Nintendog games to choose from: Chihuahua & friends, Labrador & friends, Dachshund & friends and Dalmatian & friends. Each pack has a choice of six different breeds so you’re sure to find a puppy you like! I have the Dalmatian & friends pack and chose the female Golden Retriever. Other breeds in this pack include Boxer, Beagle, Dalmatian, Yorkshire Terrier and German Shepherd Dog.

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  1. puppy princess 99 Says:

    I LOVE NINTENDOGS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is any one else here