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Aimi's Muglet
Wow this website is hilarious! I’m always a bit lazy with these kind of sites and don’t tend to make it to the end as I get impatient, but I was extremely impressed with this – it only took about 2 minutes from start to finish and I had created my very own Muglet! In case you were wondering, a Muglet is the body of an animated puppet with the head of a photo of your choice – all you need to do is find a photo of your face (or better still, the face of a family member or friend), upload it onto their website and choose which animated body you want to place it on – it’s as simple as that! There are loads of fun extras to add to your newly created Muglet – different items of clothing, music, dances etc – I could have spent hours playing around! You can also buy the Muglet to use as a Windows screensaver or put it on your mobile. Apparently, there are already 10 million Muglets worldwide – which according to means one person in every thousand already owns their very own Muglet creation!

2 Responses to “!”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Ha Ha Ha! This is great, gonna get a pic of all my friends and family now

  2. Boat Man Says:

    The only place you can find it is Ebay for $65 + $15 shipping, or more.