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Lost – last night's E4 episode

Yes I had a fun filled evening that consisted of 2 hours of Lost last night – first the Channel 4 episode and then the First Look episode on E4. I am happy to say that after moaning previously about never finding anything out, last night’s E4 episode actually started answering some questions – not many mind but it’s definitely a start. If you don’t want to know what happened stop reading now! Claire finally started remembering what happened to her when she was snatched by the ‘Others’ – she had flashbacks of Ethan inserting vaccine into her pregnant stomach in what looked like another underground hatch. There was a whole room decorated as a nursery for Claire’s baby (Aaron) and Ethan had persuaded her to give him up once he was born (she was heavily sedated). She then had another flashback of a young girl telling her she must escape, and Claire saw the ‘Others’ preparing to cut her open and steal Aaron from her stomach. Ethan kept on about there only being enough vaccine to save the children and that he was a good guy – whether or not this is true will probably not be revealed until the next series at this rate!

After the flashbacks, Claire and Kate went into the jungle to search for the room with the vaccine (Aaron had developed a rash and Claire thought he might have become infected). Before they arrived Rousseau (the French woman) appeared from nowhere again and joined in their search – it’s all a bit strange how she keeps popping up in the middle of the jungle! The three women eventually found the hatch but it was empty. Claire had another flashback in which Rousseau helped her escape – is Rousseau good or bad? I can’t quite decide yet. Claire now thinks the young girl who told her she needed to escape is Rousseau’s daughter… So, after a two hour Lost sesh I have found out more than usual, but I’m still frustrated that now I only know bits and pieces – when’s it all going to make any sense?!

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