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Have you got your Weemee?

A Weemee If you have msn messenger, it’s likely you will have discovered the world of Weemee’s already. I came across this clever invention when I realised my messenger picture of a yellow rubber ducky was in need of a change. For those of you who haven’t seen them visit the Weemee Website and have a look. The website takes you through a step-by-step process of building your Weemee.

1. Choose your gender, face shape, skin colour and eye colour.
2. Choose hair colour and hair style.
3. Choose your outfit style and colour.
4. Choose your accessories and interests.

There are loads of different items to choose from and when you have finished, you have a mini illustration of yourself.

Msn messenger also offer characters similar to Weemee’s in a different style called Kiwee Muggin’s. To get either illustration you have to have a messenger account and you have to pay £3. Meego’s are another similar illustration based product made for msn messenger.

2 Responses to “Have you got your Weemee?”

  1. raggydoll Says:

    Everytime i design a wee mee i’m picking brown eyes. However when it shows up on msn as my display picture they’re green, unless i’m appearing offline in which case they’re brown! Really annoying, any ideas?

  2. makensi Says:

    How do you do weemee i want to do it .