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Cherry, Apple and Banana Smoothie
On a hot summers day like today this smoothie is a perfect refresher – it’s filled to the brim with nutrients and antioxidants that will boost your energy levels and immune system (plus it also tastes great!) – and smoothies are so simple to make, in less than 10 minutes you can literally whip one up. Since watching the Channel 4 show ‘You Are What You Eat’ I was inspired by Gillian McKeith to rethink my diet, and although I admit to weeks of forgetting this new found inspiration, when I do decide to test out her recipes I always find myself impressed and determined to stick to this healthy living regime. It’s true that eating does affect how you feel and if you eat well, you feel well! Anyone can make a smoothie – all you need is a blender and some fruit (yes it really is that simple!). You can combine any fruit you wish, one of my favourite recipes is strawberries, bananas and plums. Other great fruits to try include blueberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches, blackberries, kiwi – the softer the fruit the better.

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  1. The New Pink » Blog Archive » Eating healthily is too expensive! Says:

    […] I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Channel 4 show ‘You Are What You Eat’ presented by Gillian McKeith and that I have bursts of determination to eat healthily. Well today I had one of these bursts and decided to browse Gillian’s website for inspiration on how to put this into action. I was happy to find a 7 day Nutrition Plan and managed to pursuade two of my collegues to give the plan a try next week, starting monday morning. I was filled with new found hope that I may loose a few pounds, and feel better too. After noticing that we’d have to get up at 7.15am every morning, we were still not deterred (though the whole idea did seem a tad less appealing), but we were still enthusiastic to give it a good go. […]