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DiorSkin AirFlash

DiorSkin AirFlash
I’m not the kind of person who sees an advert for make-up on TV and believes it will do what it says – in fact I tend to think it’s all lies. So I was surprised to discover that this new spray on foundation by Dior actually works! With a single spray the foundation lightly covers your skin to leave a smooth, perfectly even look (although I found it best to use two sprays). Holding the spray directly opposite your nose ensures the areas that need covering the most (those that are nearer your nose) are well covered and your cheeks get a natural dusting, which prevents any foundation lines around the edge of your face.

The secret is to lightly dab the foundation gently around the areas that are covered the most to give a natural, flawless look. Before I tried the product I was concerned that it would be heavy and thick, but it actually felt refreshing on my skin and really light. I did think the lighter colour may have been better suited to my skin tone – next time i’ll know! The foundation currently comes in four different shades: Cameo 202, Light Beige 200, Medium Beige 300 and Honey 400. At approximately £30 this DiorSkin AirFlash is definately worth the money, although i’d be interested to know how long it lasts …

2 Responses to “DiorSkin AirFlash”

  1. Emma Says:

    I agree this foundation is one of the better ones I’ve tried – I was impressed with the instant cover and would definately recommend it to friends. A bit pricey so I tend to save it for evenings out/special occasions.

  2. Cleo Says:

    I really liked this when i tried it in the shop but as usual was disappointed when i walked outside in daylight as the colour was too orange for me even though i tired the lightest colour they make. You also have to be careful to put this on before your eye make up otherwise you could end up looking like you have no eyelashes!