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Lost – I certainly am!

The Channel 4 hit series Lost has made my Tuesdays worth living for the last few months now! Sad as it is, I love every episode, but recently I’ve started to become more and more frustrated that at the end of each episode I’m more¬†confused than at the beginning – never reaching any kind of conclusions. Yes this is the point of the series and the name speaks for itself, but I just want to start finding out why, what, who, how etc etc.

The great thing about the series is that it’s set in a real life setting, with average people who all have a story to tell, but then every so often a huge polar bear will show up on the desert island or a cloud of black smoke will appear and you’ll suddenly realise that this whole series really could go anywhere. There could be a great ending that will make the months of viewing worth while or there could be a completely unrealistic ending which would probably result in a lot of angry viewers! And even now that I moan about not finding anything out, i’ll be there tomorrow night at 10pm hoping that something might just happen to help me understand what’s going on (unlikely).

It’s genius how the producers have created such an addictive series and there are rumours that they themselves don’t even know how it will end – I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t be dissapointed. One last point – when are Kate and Jack going to get it together?!¬†

One Response to “Lost – I certainly am!”

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